Some people say 10 minutes 3x/day, some say 30 minutes twice, but in the Idaho spring, you might be surprised at what's actually recommended.

This is something you always contend with when irrigation gets turned on, right? How often do I water? How frequently and for what duration? Well, to answer this question, I turned to the experts over at Zamzows, because, if you've ever heard their commercials, you know that "nobody knows like... Zamzows." Anyway, here's what they had on their website for watering suggestions in the spring time in Idaho:

  • Spring Time Watering: It's suggested that you water once a week for 40-50 minutes in late March/early April and May. The reason you do one longer watering is so that it saturates and gets deeper into the soil. The only reason you would water more frequently than this is if you're putting in wees killers or fertilizers.
  • Summer/Fall Water: In early June, for summer watering, it's suggested you up the watering to twice per week for the same amount of time. As it gets hotter in the summer, you can get it up to three days per week and then it'll back down after labor day and as we get closer to fall until the irrigation is turned off.
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I hope this helps. Big thank you to our friends at Zamzows for the information, which is on their website in greater and more specific detail. They have some pretty awesome programs which will help make sure you've got the best looking and healthiest lawn on the block. And the great news for our neighborhoods and community, is a lot of people are utilizing Zamzows, making much of the area look great!

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