No Googling allowed: What's Idaho's state flower? How about Idaho's state bird? State fossil? Do you know the Gem State's State Gem? I KNOW you know the state fruit... Here are some you may NOT know!

  • Did you know that Idaho's state flower is the Syringa? This "was designated the state flower of Idaho by the legislature in 1931" according to
Photo Credit: Yoksel Zok/Unsplash
Photo Credit: Yoksel Zok/Unsplash
  • Did you know that Idaho's state bird is the Mountain Bluebird? This too was officially dedicated back in 1931.
  • Did you know that the Idaho state dance is the Square Dance and has been since 1989? And do you know HOW to square dance? If not, are you really an Idahoan? (admittedly, I do NOT know how to square dance.)
  • This one I KNOW you know... Idaho's state fruit, is of course, the huckleberry. Yeah, you knew that.
  • Idaho's state fossil is the Hagerman Horse Fossil, and according to, "Discovered in 1928, it was originally described as Plesippus shoshonensis. Subsequent research found the Hagerman horse to be the same as a previously described species and it is now known as Equus simplicidens. The Hagerman horse is the oldest known representative of the modern horse genus Equus (includes horses, donkeys, and zebras) and is believed to be more closely related to the living Grevy’s zebra in Africa."
  • Idaho is, of course, the Gem State. Have you ever wondered what Idaho's State Gem is? Well, glad you asked. It's the Idaho Star Garnet and it was designated back in 1967!
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