Santa Claus is magical and can do anything. Christopher freakin’ Cringle, the face of Christmas will be embarking on his annual journey of delivering toys to children across the globe on December 25th. But how in the world does Santa actually have time to deliver toys to kids all over the world in one night? Of course, we know the answer is magic but I got curious as to how long it would actually take Santa to make the trip.

Using data from combined with data from the United States Census and some old-fashioned math, I calculated just how long it would take Santa to deliver toys to the children in seven Idaho cities including Boise. Turns out – Santa has some pretty wicked powers that would give any comic book superhero a run for their money.

Let’s break down impressive Santa stats before we get to how much time he will spend in each city.

  • In order to ensure every child on the planet receives a present from Santa’s workshop, com says that Santa will have to cover 122 million miles in one night.
  • According to, if Santa were to travel from east to west, he will have roughly 31 hours of Christmas to get the job done thanks to various time zones.
  • Santa’s sleigh will be moving at 650 miles per second according to PER SECOND!
  • According to, Santa has one millisecond to land the sleigh on the roof, hop out, grab the gifts, head down the chimney, eat cookies and drink milk, place the gifts under the tree and/or in the stocking, climb back up, get back in the sleigh, and finally take off. Basically… Santa is FAST.

Now that we have all of that info to work along with the rate of 1/1000th of a second spent at each house, let’s look at just how long it would take the big guy to haul his sleigh around the Treasure Valley.

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