Crafty things with handprints in them?  That's okay with me.  See if you agree with this list.

If you've got young kids, chances are they don't have a job or an income and they have to make things for us for Mother's Day instead of buy something.  And that's okay!  I love the messy handmade art and cemented imprints of hands and feet.  It captures where the kids are at this moment and it comes from the heart.  Finding a good place to put the homemade stuff is another matter, but it's thoughtful and sentimental, and therefore a great gift for most of us moms.  Unless it comes from a kid that's 22.

Crafts with handprints are on the list of no-no's for Mother's Day gifts.  Do you agree?

Other things Mom doesn't want, according to a blog on

Fighting or bickering among siblings.  Agreed!  A one-day rest from that would be good.

An outing to a crowded zoo, museum, or theater.  Won't every place be crowded?  Restaurants will be packed cuz Mom ain't cookin' on Mother's Day.

To be denied a second glass of wine.  Right.  Who would dare.  Mama 'bout to reeee-LAX.

I read that we'll spend $21.2 billion on Mother's Day this year, mostly on brunch and jewelry.  (And if you're like me, you need to spend that money today because Mom lives out of state and it's time to get something in the mail.  Think Mom will appreciate my hand in cement?)

What are your Mother's Day plans?  If your favorite restaurant takes reservations, it's probably a good idea to make one now.  And thanks moms, for all you do!