Mondays Mike and Nicole give you a chance to answer the Damn Near Impossible Question and win great prizes. This week it's a pair of Wahooz Ultimate Unlimited passes $25 Cold Stone Ice Cream Gift Card, a Bottle of Mike and Nicole's Christmas Cabernet Wine and since we didn't have a winner for the past four weeks, we are adding Mannheim Steamroller Christmas prize pack....Here's the question and exclusive bonus video clue:

We look for the official answer after 9:30 on Monday (12/12) When we tell you it's time to call be caller #6 at 376-5106 and answer the question to win Wahooz Ultimate Unlimited passes, $25 Cold Stone gift card, a bottle of Mike and Nicole's Christmas Cabernet from Williamson Vineyards in Caldwell and a Mannheim Steamroller gift pack including 2 Christmas CDs and a big tin of Cinnamon Hot Cocoa.

 ...alright, if you've already watched the video for you bonus clue, here is another exclusive clue only available to those of you who were smart enough to click on this link.....Hint: The answer has something to do with Holiday movies....hope that helps good luck.

Remember if by some strange reason we still don't get a winner this week we ad another prize every week till we eventually get a winner....Good Luck