I "wahoo," you "wahoo," we all "wahoo" for Wahooz! Oh, ya know, just ripping off the slogan from those ice cream ads in the early 90's. What a time to be alive! But back to the point. We all go crazy for Wahooz because it's a family fun center with tons to do for, you guessed it, the whole family. As such, my husband and I took our boys to experience all Wahooz has to offer.

Since one of my kids is an opinionated almost 11 year old, he's gone ahead and evaluated some of the attractions on a 1 to 10 scale, where 1 is the crappiest and 10 is the best.

Bumper Cars (8/10): "Controlling the car is easy and spinning around is really fun. Bumping into people is cool. I don't like that there's not a lot of space. It feels like a long time, which is good."

Ballocity (5/10): "I liked just the part where you could climb up and all the obstacles, but it's too hard to aim the ball cannons. They have limited range. And there's too many little kids, but probably that's because I'm the big one. But I had to be there with my little brother."

Pinz (bowling) (10/10): "It felt good to get a strike and I kept improving as I was rolling my ball. The seating was nice. I that it's couches. The colors make it look like a cartoon. It was cool that my little brother could bowl too using that thing that make the ball go down the lane straight."

Did he review any other parts of Wahooz? No. Once we got to bowling that's where he wanted to stay. It was the one place where the whole family could play together. The little brother he mentions is only 4 years old. So it's nice to find an activity where we don't have to be separated. And for a little more context, we bowled at Meridian Lanes yesterday and he only gave that a 6/10.Our lane was on the fritz and it was very hot. It also didn't "look like for kids."

So there you have it. Was it in depth analysis? No. But did it need to be? No. Sometimes we just need it straight and simple from a kid and that's what he did.

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