The experts call it "seasonal affective disorder."  What it means is, the cold weather and the holidays can make us depressed!

What to do, what to do...There could be a scientific reason behind the cold-weather blahs.  We don't get enough sunlight during the winter months, and our serotonin levels drop.  During the warm-weather months, we get a mood boost from the sunlight and the natural chemicals it produces, but in the winter time the indoor lights don't produce the same effect.

So what can we do during the winter to feel better...besides shop or watch football? says there are five things that will help make us happy when it's cold outside.  Darn it all, snuggling by the fire and drinking wine are not on the list.  But these things are:

Get a light box for the house, that emits bright rays that are similar to sunlight.  The neighbors might wonder what's up with the glow, but at least we'll be happy.

Exercise.  Cardio and weights boost serotonin levels during the workout and for several hours afterward.

Laugh.  It boosts the good chemicals too.  Fake it til ya feel it.

Go outside for at least 30 minutes a day, even if it's cold.  No wonder skiers are so happy!

Rub it out.  Prevention says there are ways to give ourselves a good massage, but it might be more fun and relaxing to have that boyfriend or spouse of ours do it.  Yes please.

The winter blues are a real thing, and if you feel like crawling under a rock over the next couple of months, you're not alone.   The forecast says 34 for the high this afternoon, so scoot your chair over to the co-worker with big strong hands and ask for a back rub.  If they laugh in your face, at least you will have chased away their cold-weather blues.  It'll be 50 in a week.  Hang in there!

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