Happy Boise Music Festival Week! If you are jonesing for Saturday to get here even faster, never fear... calm those cravings with some tunes from BMF artist Hey Violet.

Gary Gershoff Stringer
Gary Gershoff Stringer

If you haven't ever heard of Hey Violet that's okay there are still a few people who don't know about them...While the rest of us over here are saying WHAT IN THE WORLD. You still have time to brush up on these huge hits you will hear at the Boise Music Festival this weekend. In honor of #BMF2017 in just 3 days I've compiled some Hey Violet essentials to stuff in you back pocket so come Saturday you can jam out with the rest of the "kids".







The latest lyric video "Hoodie" was released this week. And my goodness how crazy are those lyrics.....and how many of you have an old hoodie from an ex. Come on you know you still....don't' you...no judging.

If you still don't have those Boise Music festivals there is still time. Buy your tickets by clicking on this link www.boisemusicfestival.com and while you are at it purchase the CARNIVAL WRISTBANDS that up untill the day of the show will only be $25 bucks. So while you are waiting on Hey Violet to rock the Expo Center test out the rides. We will see you out there this Saturday. HAPPY BMF WEEK! - JD


**********And just because it's such a great song here is another Hey Violet must know song its called O.D.D**********

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