It's no big surprise and has been talked about for months (following the implementation of the law in Meridian and surrounding states), and now Boise is getting closer to going hands-free.

What this means is that for motorists, it's a zero-tolerance situation on handling your mobile phone while driving, and even though it is basically inarguable that this makes sense, for many of us it does mean a change of habits.

Last night, the Boise City Council offered a public comment opportunity and with a unanimous vote of all six members of the Council, the ordinance moves on to the first calendar reading as the next step.

CBS 2 reported that Council President Pro Tem Holli Woodings said, "We're bringing to kind of mirror what's already been done in neighboring communities."

There were comments from Boise residents and groups though nothing seemed to get in the way of the Council advancing the issue.

At the moment, Boise Police are permitted to issue a citation for distracted driving that could be caused by the use of a cell phone (texting, video calling, or just a focus on the phone instead of the road).  The new ordinance would, if passed, require drivers in Boise to use their phone exclusively in hands-free mode or risk a ticket.

Much like Meridian's implementation, Boise would start off with an "education phase" to get people familiar with the regulations and risk if not obeyed.  The active enforcement would begin after that time.

CBS 2 reports the next steps as a first, second, and third reading of the ordinance.  If approved, it would be in place on July 1, 2020.




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