Remember when that law passed saying you couldn't use your phone while driving? It's still the law and those tickets are about to start mounting up.

The grace period for basically breaking the hands-free law is now over. If you get caught using your phone while driving expects to see the lights in your rearview mirror.

I remember writing about this new law back during Summer. Go back to June of 2021. So many things were happening as the pandemic was making our lives miserable. I say it like that because we really didn't know how it was going to impact our lives. Most of our teams thought the Boise Music Festival still had a chance to launch.

It wasn't until Summer that we could see postponed concerts, cancellations and the list goes on. COVID-19 was here and it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. The hands-free deal just went under the radar. Well, that radar is up and you should be paying close attention.

I was reading on IdahoNews 2 that Idaho Police troopers have been nice about 700 times with warnings. I'm beginning to understand the seriousness as too many of these citations could get your license suspended. We know how dangerous it is driving and not paying attention because you might be attending to your phone. You have to start on January 1 or you will receive a ticket.

This means your cell phone is off-limits and against the law to touch while driving. 1 in 5 crashes in Idaho is attributed to distracted driving according to the Idaho State Troopers.  I will post the link of everything you can and can't do below. This is what you'll pay if pulled over.

  • 1st offense - $75 fine. $131.50 court cost.
  • 2nd offense within three years - $150 fine. $206.50 court cost.
  • 3rd and subsequent offenses within three years - $300 fine. $356.50 court cost. This could also get your license pulled for 90 days if you get three offenses in three years.

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