First off, I have to say stealing is one of my biggest pet peeves. Why people think it is okay to take things that don't belong to them will be something that I never understand. There was a Meridian family that just experienced this with some of their Halloween decorations being stolen from their front yard, but it was caught on their door bell camera.

As first reported by KBOI, Johnny Trietsch noticed around 8 p.m. last Monday that three tombstones and a skeleton decoration had been stolen. He also noticed a few other decorations in his yard were knocked over. That's when he checked his doorbell camera and saw the whole theft take place.

Unfortunately this is a lesson for all of us, be on the look out as this type of crime happens everywhere. The Trietsch family is now debating whether to decorate for Christmas but no decision has been made just yet. It just stinks that one person acting foolish can take the fun out of holidays for families in the Treasure Valley.

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