To never shave again or at least not for a long time? Yes please! It's what most women can dream of but sometimes not as easy to attain.

Well now it actually is and with less pain. When laser hair removal first came out there was a learning curve well now jump to 2019 and we are in the age of less pain, more hair removal and a longer time that it is gone. Well I finally did it! Thanks to Allante Life Med Spa, I went in and had my first session done. I was told they were getting a new laser called Splendor X 


OK so on to how it went. First SO many people told me it was going to hurt a lot, and I think with how technology advanced that the pain is less then maybe even a year or so ago. It still hurt though so don't go in not ready for that, and I am a sissy with a ton of nerves so not only do I hate pain but I laugh insanely when touched and I made it through so that means you can too most likely. There are many myths on laser hair removal and Allante was quick to answer questions and give facts. This laser is for all skin tones, is less painful, is SUPER fast and is considered one of the best on the market. That's key... do research and find out what laser and reviews of the place you decided. I had heard great things about Allante and this new laser in particular so I had to get in.

It was about 20 minutes for my whole body minus my arms and lip hair. The most painful was the armpit but also the quickest so I will take that, the legs were the longest and so that can make it harder to stay still. I did my legs, some toe hair, my armpits and the bikini area.




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