We are steps closer to the world being taken over by robots. Hey, it could happen!

Officials with Starship Technologies, the same people who co-founded Skype, met with Idaho lawmakers to discuss House Bill 204, which will regulate personal delivery devices. Basically, robots that can delivery just about anything under 30 pounds.

So far, they've delivered take-out, groceries and packages and have already successfully operated in Washington DC and California!

The robots have logged more than 30,000 miles of operation and have had more than 3 million human interactions, all without any problems or accidents.

They are equipped with nine cameras and eight sonic sensors that give the robot the ability to sense things like humans or street signs so they don't run into anything.

When you're ordering groceries online, you usually set up a time to pick them up. With the delivery robot, you would go through the checkout process and select "Starship" as your delivery device.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

You can track your groceries every step of the way from an easy to use app. You will also receive a special code that is unique to your order and that will unlock the robot, so only you can get your stuff. Once it delivers your goods, the robot goes back to where it came from! Sounds crazy right??!

The robot can carry up to 30 pounds, travels at about 4 miles per hour, and is controlled by a human at all times. Which may have you thinking why go through the trouble of having a robot if an actual person is controlling it anyway. The point of the delivery robots is to cut down on the semi-truck deliveries, the number of times you take your car out to pick up a few things you need to pick up down the street. It only weighs 35 pounds and can do round trips in 30 minutes or less for under a dollar!

What do you think about robots in our future?

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