Hans Chimaek is a new Korean Fried Chicken spot in Boise serving up tasty wings, beer and other awesome flavors. On Wednesdays, you could land yourself some free wings!

Hans Chimaek's website describes themselves as authentic Korean food in Boise. Here's what else they have to say:

In Korea, there are five traditional flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty. But there’s also another flavor that Han’s Chimaek recognizes: gamchilmat, or savoriness. Our new Korean restaurant in Boise, ID, has created a menu celebrating the importance of chimaek and the five traditional flavors in our culture. From the sizzling, crunchy batter to the tender chicken bursting with gamchilmat, you won’t want to eat anything else.

And if you'd like to win FREE wings on Wednesdays, you should definitely give them a follow on their Facebook page.

This is a relatively new, local Korean owned business; a great choice if you'd like to support our AAPI community here in the Treasure Valley. From the photos on their Instagram and Facebook page, it looks as though this is a cool new place with good vibes, tasty wings and cold beer.

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I'm planning to stop by this evening to try out their wings; I'm quite a wing fanatic and I love trying new flavors. I mean... Look at this!

This is not food that has just been thrown together. These are carefully selected flavors and ingredients that currently have me salivating so I'm going to wrap this up, cut this short and head on over to Broadway and Warren in Boise for some wings!

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