What makes a city "cool" anyway?  I'm good if it has a quaint coffee shop, a nail salon, and a good place to get grilled salmon and couscous.  Boise is cool like that.

Forbes is out with its list of the 10 Coolest Cities in the US, and one of our favorite metro areas made the list.

Arts, culture, great local restaurants, and hip people make a city cool, according to Forbes, and Seattle is the 2nd coolest in the country when you break it down like that.

Washington DC is #1, then Seattle, Austin, Houston, and San Francisco round out the top 5.  I lived in Austin for five years, and I'd say it is indeed cool and a great place for coffee, live music, burritos, and feeling like you fit in no matter what.  You can wear Daisy Dukes and flip flops to a fancy musical in that town.

So what's the coolest city in the Treasure Valley?  Thoughts please!  We're talking about it on Facebook this afternoon.

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