Forbes Magazine did a little research and figured out who the richest person is in every state, and in Idaho that person has a background in the potato industry, but also dabbles in fertilizer and and phosphate morning.  It's a name you know.

Many things around the Treasure Valley have been named after the Simplots, including Esther Simplot Park, and the fishing pond there.  Esther Simplot is Scott Simplot's mother, and Scott has been named the richest person in Idaho by Forbes Magazine.

Esther was married to J.R. Simplot, and before he died in 2008, Forbes says his potato company was supplying more than a third of all the potatoes for french fries in the United States.  J.R. Simplot developed a freezing process that help preserve the spuds, and many restaurants including McDonalds benefited from the technique, and therefore french fry lovers benefited too.

Scott Simplot still runs the family potato business along with his sister, and Scott also runs a fertilizer company which helps add to his $2.1 billion net worth.

The potato company, Simplot, points out that Jack (J.R) and his wife Esther made their home for many years in Boise, not far from headquarters and about 200 miles from the farm where he was raised.  And the company has given financial support through the years to education, the performing arts, and youth athletics, and continues to look for ways to have a positive impact.

Every state has a "richest," but Idaho seems to have a special knack for making sure the wealth is about more than just the numbers.  Congrats to the Simplots on all of the success, and thanks for makin' Idaho spud proud.

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