Apparently beer is not just for drinking anymore. You can eat it too.  Seriously?

I'm not sure that I want to snack on something that tastes like something else's too much for my OCD brain to handle.  I like everything neat, orderly, in it's place, and as it should be.   If my brain thinks it's getting a jelly bean, it might cramp up when it tastes hops instead.

On the flip side, what if we drank beer that tasted like jelly beans?  Ooo, wait.  That's actually a great idea!

I'm just not sure I can part with my habitual granola snacks to pop a mouthful of frothy-tasting jelly beans.  But it sounds like it's a sweet-salty concept similar to kettle corn so it may be okay.

Jelly Belly is also introducing a new chocolate-covered Tabasco flavored jelly bean. Why? Because they can!

The new beer flavored jelly beans have 4 calories per bean and of course, they don't actually contain alcohol. If you have a minute at work today, here's how the glorious little beans came to be.