How do these two parents come to an agreement about their son participating in a sport? Should the mom just give in or is there a way to make this dad see he is hurting his son?

Other People's Problems January 21, 2014

Mike & Kate-

I am married with 2 kids. My son is 8 and my daughter just turned 3. I have been married for 11 years now to a wonderful man. He is an amazing father and treats me better than I could have ever dreamed. My husband is an engineer and shall we say very type A. He never played any sports as a kid. He was an only child. He was always reading books or building some science project. I grew up with brothers and sisters and we were always involved in something. The reason I am writing you is because our 8 year old son has been playing baseball and basketball with the neighbor kids for about the last year. One of the moms in front of my son suggested we sign him up for baseball this spring. Now my son is bugging me non stop to sign him and wanting to know when he gets to play. He loves baseball. It really is all he talks about. All he wanted for Christmas was his own mitt and bat. My husband shows no interest in our son’s interest. He won’t even go outside and play with him. He says he sees no value in sports. I was talking to him about signing up our son and he is completely against it. He says it is a waste of time. Our son needs to be focusing on school. That is how you get ahead in life he says. He also said he doesn’t want him to get involved in something that could take up our family time on the weekends and summer when we could be spending time together as a family. I respect that he and I see things differently but I don’t think it’s fair not to let an 8 year old boy play baseball or discover his own interest in life. He said if I am so set about it that I would have to do all the work involved but getting him to practice and games. That is the issue. I am an RN and work nights and weekends so I can be home in the day with the kids. I told my husband our son could get a ride with another parent and we could work out a schedule for the days I am free. He said no. It is not some other parent’s responsibility to get our son to practice. If I can’t do it, he can’t play. I know this will break my son’s heart. He is counting down the days until spring. Is there any way to get a non sports guy to show some support for his own kid. I find this very selfish. It’s a side of my husband I have never seen. Who would ever think to discuss this before you say I do. How do I get him to understand this will only help our son?

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