Boise Music Festival is this weekend and there are some things that you just can't get through it without. Let's have a fun BMF!

  1. Bug Spray: You never know when you may need this and when you are outside enjoying a fun time the last thing you want to deal with is mosquitoes. Grab a small spray and put it in your purse or pocket.
  2. Sunscreen: This is a must as it's summer time and the temps are on the rise. Make sure you are not a BMF lobster.
  3. Hat: A hat is a good idea for this event, weather is expected to be in the 80's. You can't bring pop-up- tents or umbrellas.
  4. Bottled Water: No outside food or drink BUT you can bring water bottles to be filled inside Expo Idaho or sealed ones, never been opened water bottles.
  5. Backup Power Pack: In this day you don't want to be left without a phone. All the snaps of the fun and more.

We will see you Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm for the music, food and fun.

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