As you have found out by now, I love to eat. Trying new foods and restaurants is always fun, but I also enjoy cooking meals with my wife Savannah. In an attempt to quit eating out as much and try to eat a little healthier we decided to try Home Chef. It is very similar to many companies right now with their meal kit and food deliveries. Also included with the food is very simple step by step directions on how to prepare the meal.

The first meal we attempted was Salmon with a Brown-Butter Tomato Relish with wild rice. Just the name alone sounded delicious and the whole meal was only around 620 calories. All of the ingredients were clearly marked and the directions were easy to follow. I think it would be more difficult if I were doing it by myself but having two people working on the prep cooking made the process so simple.The dinner itself took around 30 minutes to prepare, which is about the same time that the instructions said it would take.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

The only problem I faced was caused by my own mistake. We were almost completely done with everything and as I was putting the Olive Oil back into the kitchen cabinet, I dropped the bottle, and it went everywhere! UGH! Luckily we got it cleaned up before the dogs could track it through the house and then sat down to a nice meal. I think this is something we will do again in the future, and hopefully I don't make a huge mess in the process.

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