I'm still very new to the Treasure Valley, but I wanted to share something with you that has been a big part of my life for the past six to seven months. It was the week before Christmas, I got a phone call from my brother John that changed my life. He said you need to call Dad, "something is going on but I can't really say too much." Obviously, this put me in a panic and I called my father immediately.

It was then that I found out my brother was beginning the biggest fight of his life. My 34 year old brother who was a happy and healthy father of a little girl was diagnosed with Leukemia. I couldn't understand how this happened. He bumped his elbow while working his job in Seattle, it wouldn't heal, and after blood tests he is now battling cancer. It was devastating to hear as my three brothers have always been strong role models for me.

Photo courtesy of Drew Jenkins

One thing I can say about my brother Drew is that he is a fighter. He could have his back against the wall, but you never count him out. Since his diagnosis he has worked with the Virginia Mason team as well as specialists from the University of Washington Hospital to treat this the best way they know how.

Just last week (June 15th) Drew had his Bone Marrow Transplant. While it sounds like a huge ordeal, I've learned that it's not much more than a normal blood transfusion for the transplant recipient. But now really is the tough part as we wait for about three weeks to do more blood tests and see if his body is reacting positively to the transplant. All while Drew is in a very sanitary hospital room to insure his immune system isn't having to fight any extra battles.

Photo courtesy of Karen Morton

Throughout this process I have gained a new level of appreciation for all hospital employees. It's not just the doctors that save lives, it's the nurses that give support, it's the specialists that give you more information that you know how to process. It really takes someone special to do these things, and often it goes without praise.

So, if you work in a hospital or know someone who does, please thank them for me. Even from hundreds of miles away I cannot begin to explain how much I appreciate all of the hours that are dedicated to getting my brother back to full health. As my brothers fight continues I will keep you updated on how things go. Here is a link to his donation page if you want to learn more, please know this isn't about money. I've learned that positive thoughts and prayers help just as much.