Floating and fly fishing new water in Idaho has been an adventure I have been on and loving it. Although I have fished the Southfork of the Boise I have never floated it.

There is a really great stretch of water about an hour  and 1/2 from Boise. I have been wanting to float it and when my friend Devon said that he had his NRS gigbob and wanted to float it I was game. This river can be dangerous and is not for people who have never rowed, floated or spent hours on water and even then things can go wrong.

There are issues every year and deaths are a part of that unfortunately. It seems there is always an issue on the Sf of the Boise, it can be tricky at times and depending on flows to navigate. Don't forget it is illegal to not have flotation devices with you on this river. The flows are going down now and it was just right to float, still moving a bit fast but fishable for sure.

The NRS gigbob is a smaller watercraft but durable and very versatile. It did the trick and was comfy for two people.

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