I've been living in Boise for a solid week now. There is still SO MUCH I have to explore but I thought'd I'd share with you some of my first impressions and observations of Treasure Valley.

  • People Have Horses in Their Front Yards 

I absolutely love the fact that I can drive around in a completely normal-looking middle class neighborhood and see horses just chilling in people’s front yards. I love horseback riding and it looks like I won’t have any trouble finding a ranch around here to do so. 

  • Liquor Stores Are Confusing

Ever since the history of Indiana (where I was born and raised) began, liquor sales were illegal on Sunday and I always thought that was just weird. Well I came to Idaho to find out that things are even weirder in terms of liquor-purchasing laws. I’m used to being able to walk into any grocery store or gas station to purchase a fifth of liquor. That’s obviously not the case in Idaho where liquor stores are designated strictly for liquor (not anything below 15% alcohol) and are state owned and operated. Mind-blown. 

  • Albertsons is the Bomb.com

I heard a lot of talk about Albertsons and my first time going in one was when I learned about the whole “ liquor store only carrying actual liquor” situation so the clerk recommended I hit up Alberstons for all my wine needs. The man was right in doing so. Alberstons is easily the biggest supermarket I’ve ever walked into. I also find grocery shopping to be an incredibly thrilling experience so you can expect to see me there more often.  

  • There is Always Something to Do

Based on first impressions, it looks like I will never be bored here. Boise seems so lively and full of growth! Downtown is always poppin' and is filled with tons of unique restaurants and bars. And God definitely spent a little more time on the great outdoors here in Idaho. I can’t wait to do it all from skiing and hiking, to floating down the river in a tube! 

  • Stunning Views 

This one kind of goes without saying but coming from the flat farmlands of Indiana, I know I am going to be in-awe of this city’s skyline for as long as I’m here. There is sort of a familiar feel of home in parts of Idaho that are farmlands. In fact, when I was driving in from the east I noticed it was pretty flat for a little while and thought to myself, “this is a rip off. I’m from Indiana where it’s literally flat across the entire state.. Where are the mountains?!” But low and behold, Treasure Valley is surrounded by the perfect backdrop of mountains. Ugh, so stunning. 

  • Everyone is Super Friendly

It seems like everyone I’ve met so far here really just loves their life. It’s refreshing. People aren’t afraid to spark up conversation and it’s always genuine. I can’t wait to get to know the wonderful people of Boise, Idaho even more.

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