I was born and raised in small town, Indiana. The state that is known for its Hoosier hospitality, deep love of basketball, and corn. I went to college at the University of Indianapolis where I studied communication because I can’t do basic math. My dream was to become the next Erin Andrews as television sports reporter but then I quickly realized that A) working in television required me to wear makeup every day and B) radio was just way more of my thing. I love music. I love connecting with people. I love being involved in the community. I am so excited to be doing everything I love in this beautiful city of Boise! 

Going from living in the Midwest all my life to now being 27 hours away from all my friends and family is as big of a jump as it sounds. But there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to make this move. Boise is a place for growth, adventure, opportunity, and fun. I’m so happy to call this place my new home.

I’m really a free-spirited soul who’s always down for whatever. I’m very into personal wellness and by that I mean I like to take a lot of bubble baths and I always have room in my schedule for a little self-care. I also have a love affair with my kitchen. Pour me a glass of wine, turn on some vibey music, and I’ll whip up anything and everything. My guilty pleasure is all forms of reality TV (who’s isn’t?). Lastly but not least-ly, I’m a proud mother of two fur babies and girlfriend to an adoring man who I’m crazy about.

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