The first game of the season is behind us and it didn't go the way we'd like. But that was an away game and I think it's safe to say that home field advantage is a very real thing. So this week our beloved Broncos will be playing against UTEP on The Blue, which bodes well for Boise State. But what are you going to do to support the football players who work hard out on that field.

Obviously going to the game sporting team colors and shouting your lungs out with cheers is an excellent way to support and show pride. This week's game against UTEP is an all white color scheme. But if you can't attend the game in person, what's your plan? My neighbor has an entire front yard set up dedicated to the Boise State Broncos, including a fire hydrant that "bleeds blue."

I've seen an uptick in how many vehicles I see sporting decals, vanity plates, and flags for Boise State University's football team. And a lot of them have the number of their favorite player written on the back window with orange or blue window chalk. I haven't jumped on that yet, but if I had to choose I would proudly have #2 written in huge font for Khalil Shakir.

Whichever way you choose to represent and support is up to you, just don't forget to do it. After all, as football fans aren't we innately superstitious. It's important to send all that good juju out onto the field and into the players.

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