A local chicken restaurant known for chicken platters, salads, burritos, and nachos, etc. plans to open their second Treasure Valley location. 

The restaurant will set up shop in the former Wendy's location at 1450 S. Orchard according to boisedev.com.

The first Fiesta Chicken location opened in 2013 off of Ustick. Temporary signs are up on the new place and a permit has been filed with the city of Boise to upgrade the kitchen.

I've never been to Fiesta Chicken, but I'm all about local restaurants making it and then having the opportunity to expand.

Boise is a great "foodie city" and I love having so many options to choose from and fun places to take friends and family when they come into town.

No word yet on when the Fiesta Chicken off of Orchard will officially open their doors, but I'm happy they are opening a second location and I'm always up for yummy chicken with a little Mexican flare.

The menu looks very affordable with most items costing between $6-$8. Offerings include anything from chicken legs and thighs to half a chicken with sides, plus chicken tacos and enchiladas. It looks delicious; plus kids meals are only $3.99 and I'm not going to complain about that!

Fiesta Chicken started in Fresno, California but the family-owned business relocated to Boise and opened the restaurant here in 2013.

Testimonials point out that it is real, fresh food, not fast food.

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