With record-breaking snow in the foothills and mountains, animals are coming down to lower elevations to survive. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game wants to make sure people aren't disturbing the wildlife. A female elk has made herself at home in Boise’s North End.

Fish and Game says they have been monitoring her for about 10 days. Deer is pretty common, obviously, but elk is unusual.

She’s been making her way around different areas in the North End, but she has been hanging out near the Idaho State Veterans Home.

Officials say the elk isn't darting across roads or showing any signs of trouble, just grazing in backyards.

The elk isn’t in the best condition, so officials are hoping she will be able to make her way home soon since she may not be able to handle an attempt to move her back.

Officials urge you to give the animals plenty of space if you come across them. We don't want to add any additional stress on them.

This isn't the only animal that's found its way into a new area, remember THIS story of the moose that ended up in the basement of a home?

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