I went through this phase once where I wanted to live an old church. I was so serious about this phase a had a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the idea - that's when you know it's real. The appeal of converting a church into a home is simple. Churches are works of beautiful architecture. What's not to love about stained glass windows with all of that natural lighting, big open spaces, and high ceilings.

An old church is now on the market here in Boise. Unlike some churches that go on the market, this won't be a DIY project. It's actually being converted right now into a live-able single-family home. The listing states that the home will be done remodeling in about 3-4 weeks. This church that was originally built in 1911 will include 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and is located on the city's north end sitting just five blocks to Hyde Park.

Former Church For Sale in Boise

According to reality.com, this space is "magazine worthy." The remodel is going to reportedly transform this church into a  "modern and sophisticated" living space and will be "finished with attention to every detail." If you want to drive by and check out the property yourself, it specifically located at 18th & Eastman at 1723 W Eastman St. in the heart of the North End.

I probably should've mentioned earlier that it will cost a pretty penny to live here. It'll cost you 3,200,000 pennies to be exact. Expert Reality LLC who listed the property, states this property is for qualified buyers only and sellers will be required to show proof of funds for viewing.

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