It's a weird thing to say that I spend a lot of time in public restrooms, but... I spend a lot of time in public restrooms. Rather, I use them often. I don't know that I'm spending a ton of quality time in there. I drink a lot of water and childbirth forever changed my bladder. I know a ton of moms can relate to this. As such, when it's time to go it's time to go. And I've noticed that every public restroom I've used in Boise is equipped with a baby changing station.  And I remember that I rarely changed my kids' diapers during outings. My husband did. But there wasn't always a changing table in the men's restroom.

As of right now, baby changing stations are not a requirement for men's restrooms unless the restroom is in a federal building or space. The BABIES Act (Bathroom Accessible in Every Situation Act) was signed into law in 2016 by President Obama, ensuring the requirement so all care givers can do what they need to do. Back in the day it was expected that the mother was the one always on diaper duty, and probably was the case. But as times have changed, so have traditional parenting roles. And my husband is a perfect example of a man who took on diaper duty almost solely.

Men, have you noticed baby changing stations available on your trip to the urinal? I know Legend's Sports Pub and Grill has a baby changing station in both restrooms because I asked my husband to check while he was there. But I'm curious how common they can be found here. Keep a look out, will you?

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