I posted an article during Father's Day asking listeners about dads. We can take a hit sometimes because it feels like those bad perceptions follow men. I mean, do you ever hear about all the great guys on Tinder?

I really shouldn't make the Tinder reference but you get my point. I'm just a guilty during my radio career taking women's sides over the years because of all these bad boys. That's why I posted a question.

Tell me about your dad. I used my Instagram to post that question giving people a chance to brag about dad. Most of the single women I speak to on-air is about all the bad guys and they can't seem to find good ones. Well, they're out there. You just might not find on on Tinder.

I realized after reading some of these posts how emotional it got. You never know who is going to respond because all of our lives are heading in different directions. If this article taught me anything it was to take advantage of the good times you have and don't let the small moments take away the great ones.

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That one killed me just because I can't imagine because it's so fresh. My heart breaks for Angela and her family, especially on Father's Day. I lost my father around my birthday and remember him in that hospital bed when my mom was telling him. I stopped celebrating it after that for years.


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I thought it was cool to share because we are on different paths. Sometimes we forget how good ours is and this might remind you. I hope you had a great Father's Day Weekend. I'm new on Mix 106 and would love for you to listen each day from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.

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