First off, sometimes I think dads are forgotten when it comes to Father's Day. Like, obviously it's a holiday, but it doesn't get all the buzz that Mother's Day does. As a mom, I low-key love that because I clearly know what a task motherhood is. But my husband is an incredible father whose parenting complements mine in a way that is necessary for my kids to thrive. And I know I'm not the only person with a hubby whose fathering skills are off the charts. These dads deserve awesome gifts to celebrate them.

So I'm looking for a dope gift but I need a little guidance. My husband is a beer drinking golfer who enjoys watching and playing baseball. One thing I know for sure is that Idaho has some amazing golf courses, but which one is best for someone who isn't an expert but isn't a beginner without skill? Warm Springs? Quail Hollow?

As for the beer drinking, local breweries abound in the Treasure Valley. So if I'm looking to send him out on a day of drinking local lagers, which brewery should I send him to? Powderhaus? Loose Screw? Edge? I don't know these things!

At the very least I know I can take him to a Boise Hawks game for his baseball fix. They'll be well into their schedule by then, so that works out. The only other thing I can think of is a ride-on mower. He's been talking about getting one ever since he learned we were moving to Idaho. I know they're pricey, but he deserves it. Any suggestions on which one to get?

Basically I'm a clueless wife who wants her baby daddy to have a very Idaho Father's Day based on his interests. So help a girl out, yeah?


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