Plant-based proteins are catching on and slowly taking over the grocery store freezer section and deli meat case.  And soon, we may be able to get mock chicken at the fast food drive through.

KFC is looking to cut calories and offer healthy alternatives, and that's why it's getting into the veggie meat game with this new approach to protein.  It's testing out the new vegetarian fried chicken in the UK now and hopes to add it on a broader scale soon.

Foodbeast says, over the next 7 years, KFC UK hopes to cut their calories per serving by 20% and they have plans to create several meals under 600 calories by 2020.  The veggie chicken option is part of that.  The mock chicken will use the same secret blend of 11 spices that all of Colonel Sanders's chicken is seasoned with, so we may not be able to tell much difference.  It's all about the goobers anyway.

What exactly is going into the veggie chicken is a bit of a mystery at this point, and KFC says the creation and testing are still in the early stages.  But if all goes well, Idaho could be getting some of the chicken substitutes in the early 2020s.  I wonder what Colonel Sanders would say about all this.

I do know one thing.  Fake chicken is good!  I'm a bit of a vegetarian failure because I go back and forth between fake chicken and real chicken.  But what I've learned is faux chicken can be just as good as the authentic stuff if it's seasoned well, and it usually does save on fat and calories.

If anyone can nail the fast food version, KFC can.  We'll be watching and let you know when it's officially added to the menu, and then it will be time for the ultimate taste test to see if we can tell the difference.  We're pretty sure it all tastes like chicken.

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