If you are fan of the award winning ABC sitcom "Modern Family" you may have recognized a cameo on the March 16th episode. It only was a few seconds long, and it was glorious. For the Manager of Downtown Boise's "The Matador" restaurant, he and the rest of his staff were  pretty surprised when the opening credits  flashed just for what seemed like a blip there business.

Credit: Google Maps Street View
Credit: Google Maps Street View

Used in the setup of the episode as a trendy coffee shop on of the main character's Phil frequents. Although the show is based in LA, it was nice to see the City of Tree's featured on such a highly watched and rated prime time network show. Even it it was for just a quick "cameo".

Modern Family is on ABC every Wednesday night at 8 pm, so my advice run the DVR's cause you never know when Boise could make a return appearance.

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