What was life like before Facebook marketplace? Sounds awful!

So about two years ago, my fiance and I bought a brand new washer/dryer combo. But the dryer was a gas dryer, and our new house only has an electric hookup. I knew this was the case when we rented the house but it wasn't going to keep me from getting the place, so I knew we'd have to figure something out. As it turns out, at least from what I've seen, most people don't have gas dryers in Boise.

So the search begins... Looking at Costco's website, Home Depot, all these places and thinking man, our wedding is a few months away, how are we ever going to afford a new electric dryer? Then it occurred to me that we didn't necessarily have to have a nice new dryer, it doesn't necessarily have to match the washer, it just has to be able to dry our clothes.

So on to Facebook marketplace I go, which, by the way, is awesome because you can negotiate with people! And a lot of times, people are just trying to get stuff out of the house so they're open to negotiation. Anyway, $55 later, I got this ugly dryer, it makes some funny noises and it doesn't look as pretty as our washer, but you know what it did do? It dried my clothes, that's what! Which is a win in my book!

So next time you think something is just unattainable right now, maybe it is, and maybe you just need to head over to Facebook marketplace.

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