I literally just asked this out loud to my son today on the drive home. "How far you think I could get without having to fill up" The light had already come on and then the universal game of chicken or brave with the gas light began. So how far can you really get when your gas light comes on? 

Business Insider UK tweeted out this helpful chart that can do one of two things...validate you fight that we have enough gas to get there or well crap time to pull over and fill up.

Boise Gas Price's website the cheapest gas in the TV are as follows:
  • $2.15 Costco on Cole Rd
  • $2.19 Flying J on Federal Way
  • $2.22 Fred Meyer on Findley Ave
  • $2.24 Walmart on Franklin
  • $2.25 Maverik on N. Illinois


Have a great day...and fill up on the life you have! - JD

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