I just took my kids to see the movie "A Dog's Way Home" which tells the story of Bella, a dog who spends over two years to find her way back to her owner. Now we have a similar story popping up in the Treasure Valley. A Yorkie named Charlie has been found in Nampa, nine years after he originally went missing. 

Charlie is 12 years old now, but he originally belonged to a family 550 miles from here in Citrus Heights, California.

According to idahonews.com, on the 4th of July, 2010 the Miles family came home to find their little Yorkie, Charlie, was gone.

They checked with neighbors, hung flyers, checked all the cozy spots that Charlie liked to go, but couldn't find him anywhere.

They figured either somebody found him or maybe a coyote got him, but for nine years they always wondered what happened to Charlie?

Turns out Charlie was found by another family and when they couldn't find the owners they decided to keep him and named him Doug. They moved to Idaho and the story didn't come together until Doug or "Charlie" started having trouble seeing and hearing.

The little Yorkie who went missing nine-years-ago was taken to Furever Haus, a retirement home for senior dogs because his owner was also ill and couldn't give him the life and care he felt he needed.

Doug's microchip at the care center revealed he was Charlie, the dog who had gone missing from California nearly a decade ago.

Rachel Miles, the dog's original owner got a phone call she never imagined she would get after all this time. Charlie was alive and well and had bonded with a new companion, 75-year-old Donna.

Rachel Facetimed with her old pup and after putting out there that she wanted him back, she decided to be at peace with the fact that he is ok and happy with Donna.

Still, it has to be so comforting to know that her beloved little dog has been o.k. all these years.

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