Seems like a ridiculous choice to have to make, but in the current political climate and the vast access to information and misinformation, pepper in the fact that any and everyone can share a meme that seemingly shatters an entire belief system, this is often a choice that needs to be made.

It's Super Tuesday, a very telling day when it comes to determining who each party is going to nominate for the Presidential election. In this year's case, President Trump is running for reelection, so the main focus of today is on the democrat's side. Will it be Bernie? Biden?

Everyone has an opinion of course, some are informed and some are not. This blog isn't about my political belief system, one, cause I don't think you care, and two, my goal is not to sway anyone in any particular direction, these are just some observations I've made.

I love when people passionately believe in what they're arguing about or voting for, on either side. And truly, based on who you are and how you view the world, there may not be any clear wrong or right, and that's okay. The dangerous part is when people start fighting over politics or voting in certain ways without knowing why. Typically, this is a result of what I call, "passed down politics". In other words, voting because your family or friends vote a certain way, and not knowing exactly why you're doing so.

One of the great things about this country is that we have the freedom to choose our destiny, at least to a certain degree. Sometimes it can be a little disappointing to see people who you hold in high regard with wildly differing opinions than you. But when you think about it, isn't it pretty awesome that we're allowed to see things differently?

It's gonna be a pretty chaotic year, and unfortunately, social media will likely be extremely negative. Sometimes, it seems, an entire belief system can be dismissed in a quick meme, but just remember, the world is much more complicated than that, everyone experiences life differently, and sometimes it's okay to keep scrolling.

There's also the "unfollow" feature on Facebook where you remain friends with people, just without seeing their posts. Save the friendships 2020!

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