When people want to discover Idaho they usually do so by adventuring into the vast wilderness of the Gem State. Idaho has so much natural beauty to offer. It also some rich history tied to it as well. Explore Idaho another way by deep diving into this history! There are tons of museum scattered all throughout the state that are  worth checking out during your next road trip.

Enders Hotel & Museum - Being one of the oldest hotels in Idaho, there's bound to be some hauntedness going on in these halls.  Numerous guests to this hotel/museum have actually reported experiencing some weird occurrences during their stay. It's believed that some of the spirits could be old employees or guests who loved the hotel so much that they decided to stay. The museum part of the hotel has fascinating antiques from the early 1900s American Frontier era on display as well.

Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center - When I learned I was moving to Idaho the first thing I though of was potatoes; the second was horseback riding! I thought this would be my perfect chance to become real wild wild west cowgirl and maybe have an Appaloosa horse of my own one day. The Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center celebrates the Appaloosa horse and "explores the evolution of the breed, its importance to local Native American cultures, its role in the lives of cowboys, rodeos and circuses, and the history of the Appaloosa Horse Club."

Museum of Clean - An entire museum dedicated to everything tidy and clean. It's described as a mix of art, history, pop culture, and humor. The mission of the Museum of Clean is to "expand the scope of clean into areas like clean homes, clean minds, clean language, clean community, and a clean world." I can appreciate that.

Northern Pacific Depot - This museum showcases a time when railroads were the primary mode of transportation. Learn what it was like to travel through the Coeur d’Alene Mining District in the early 1900s. Highlights of the exhibit include replica of a working railroad agent’s room from the turn of the 20th Century and also the chance to talk on a real telephone from 1908.

The Old Idaho State Penitentiary - We can't talk about history in Idaho without mentioning The Idaho State Penitentiary which opened its doors in 1872 to "some of the West’s most desperate criminals." We also can't go without mentioning it being proclaimed as the most haunted building in the state!

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