I see kids in the dark walking to class.  There is an elementary school a block from our office.  Small children, in the dark, in a part of town a law enforcer once told me isn’t very nice.  I’ve thought all of Idaho should be in the Pacific Time Zone and maybe in winter could get a bit more morning sunshine.  Geographically it makes sense.  The sun doesn’t follow some of the zig-zag lines dividing zones.

A bill to repeal Daylight Saving Time in Idaho failed in the State House of Representatives.  The same week the Governor said he would support nationwide repeal.

The same week the Governor said he would support nationwide repeal

It failed because the old boys and the liberals didn’t like the sponsor.  If your kid gets abducted or run down you aren’t going to send the doddering geezers a thank you note.

The most absurd excuse came from the House Minority Leader.  He has an outfitting business and claims it would hurt his personal bottom line.  I might suggest he represents the people of his own district and not his personal interests.  As for the business, sunrise doesn’t follow our constructs.  Elk, deer, ducks and cows don’t know anything about fall/back and spring/ahead.  Even the snoozing opossum masquerading as legislators should know our internal clocks aren’t governed by fiat.

I’ve been reading some of the fallout at our radio station Facebook page.  It appears the public isn’t buying the baloney.  My experience is politicians rarely tell big lies.  The constant drip of white lies is why the public no longer has confidence in the system.


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