Daylight Saving Time

Should Daylight Saving Time End For Good?
Daylight Saving Time has been around since 1966, and every time we lose an hour of sleep we get mad and want it to go away. It turns out, even gaining an hour of sleep is bad for us, and that's why one group is calling for an end to clock changes.
Dangers of Daylight Saving Time
Let's see...Fall forward, spring back or is it Spring Forward Fall back?  Yeah, that's it...this weekend we all get an extra hour of sleep as we see and end to Daylight Saving Time
Daylight Saving Time Made Easy
I HATE HATE HATE this weekend!. Did I say I hate it.  The one day every year when we spring ahead.  Its the dumbest most arbitrary thing in the world. Now I don't necessarily hate Sunday the 13th, but I really do hate Monday the 14th.