What is the craziest thing you have seen while floating? We know there are some good stories out there.

While I was sitting on the shore of the Boise River watching all the floaters go by, I noticed most had the rent-able rafts or tubes. Some had some odd inflatables but most were in some sort of actual water flotation. Then I saw a couple on one of those air mattresses you buy for a guest at your house or maybe camping. It worked! Just made me chuckle cause I wasn't sure how durable it was, and it was even better they were using their flip flops as a paddle.

Then I asked Jeff in the afternoon and he actually saw someone floating down the river in an inflatable bounce house !! Now that is crazy but when you think about it pretty creative. Then another guy said they took a water trampoline down the river and used it as a flotation device to actually float down the river. That works too.

People have used odd things to sled in the snow and it is no different when it comes to floating I feel. 208-376-5106 call or text with the craziest thing you've seen floating down the Boise River.





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