You read that correctly and we might need to prepare that this could be the norm come October in Idaho. That headline comes from LA County that includes a list of special guidelines for Halloween.

LA County can't trick-or-treat, can't have parties, zero carnivals and festivals are not on the table. The pandemic isn't going anywhere.

I read the alert earlier today giving Ada County Schools the yellow alert and that's downgraded from red alert. This gives parents the green light to drop off their children for in-person learning. Most schools have decided to go full online but with the current yellow alert downgrade, we'll see if the pressure gets applied. There is no doubt that the community is at odds with each other when it comes to the rules right now. We'll get to watch that one play out as we opted out of our Kindergarten spot this year.

The bars from Boise to Nampa have all been hit extremely hard. That includes restaurants and not just in the Treasure Valley. They are salivating to make it official and open the doors. The next big holiday event will be Halloween. LA County has decided to basically cancel Halloween when you look at it closer. If you can't trick-or-treat and throw parties, what do you do?

We're beginning open things in our area and LA is closing. Will we see this same impact here? Are we so ahead that everyone is going to be fine? Don't think there isn't a divide in our community and add the 54 days till the Presidential Election. I have this feeling that Halloween is going to be a dynamic fight across all boundaries. You saw the Meridian moms fight to put kids on an off-limits play area for kids. One of the moms was placed under arrest that day which caused all kinds of problems and you think canceling Halloween would cause some damn zombie riots?

You might just have to get ready for some pretty fabulous Zoomtacular Halloween Parties 👻 I've posted the CBS story in LA below.

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