Former child-actor Corey Feldman is trying to raise $105,000 to finish an album he has been working on for a very long time. I know, sounds lame huh? But check out what you actually get for each donation from $5 to $50,000

Select a Perk

$40 Become his Facebook Friend

He has recently deleted 200 friends to make room for new Facebook friends who pay the $40…NOTE* (I will only tolerate friendly fire and positive comments! If U say anything I perceive as negative towards me or any of the #Feldfam on my acct, your privileges will automatically be revoked.)

$5 Tweetle Dee
For a measly $5l send him your name and Twitter handle, he will tweet U a personal message of love and appreciation for your contribution.

$10 Instant Picture.  Any picture in any pose you nudity

$25 1st digital copies of his new album guaranteed before the rest of the world
$50 Free Physical Copy of Angelic...You will receive your very own physical copy of the 2 CD set w full packaging, artwork,lyrics,exclusive photos, and Production notes, delivered 2 your door.

$100 A Signed copy of album...Your very own physical copy of Angelic personally autographed delivered 2 your door! Plus a personal tweet saying thanx.

$150 Twitter....Follow me, I will Follow you, plus you also gets a digital download.
$200 GOONIES ...  Signed 8x10 photos of Cory and his Goonies buddy, Sean Astin (MIkey)
$500 Feldman phone service...You will receive everything listed in the $200 category plus an exclusive Voice mail message .The message can say anything you want (profanity not acceptable) for a time period of up to 2 minutes,

$750 Video 4 U! ...This isthe same package as the "Feldman phone service messages" option, however you also get a private video message instead of a voice only message.

$1000 Feldman phone service plus.....Yep a live personal call from Cory himself, plus all the benefits from the $750 package.

$1500.. VIDEO KILLS THE FELDMAN PHONE...With this you get the full package from the Feldmans Phone service....Plus....a 20 minute, video chat. Skype it up!

$2500 Experience Coreys Heavenlytour .... 1 copy of the digital download of Angelic, a physically signed copy of the album (at show) 2 tickets to see one of Corey's Heavenly Tour concerts .., 2 Backstage VIP passes, a chance 2 meet Corey backstage after the show,

$5000 ....Dinner on the road..In addition to the $2500 experience, you also get dinner with Cory in his hometown of L.A.

$7500 ...Producer 4 a day...Submit  your music and he will produce them for you to help get that fresh sound you are looking for

$10000 USD...Concert in your backyard

$20000 ....COREY 2 ROCK YOUR VENUE...Cory and his band will fly to your city to perform at a venue of your choice
$50000 ...International Love...Cory and his band will fly anywhere in the world to perform at location of your choosing plus all of the perks mentioned in all the levels above