When we have Corbin Maxey on The Mix Morning Show, you know there is bound to be laughs, screams, and...well...poop.

Corbin is a nationally recognized animal and wildlife expert and he regularly brings in rare and interesting animals to share with us on the show. He's been on The Today Show, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Inside Edition, and the Tonight Show. Corbin is making his way back to New York for his 21st appearance on The Today Show!

A few months ago, he brought in a sloth! He's been able to bring in some pretty amazing creatures, but today took the cake.

Babby Farms so graciously allowed Corbin to bring in a bearcat, named Bagheera, and a spider monkey, named Mowgli!

Mowgli was a little scared when they arrived and we were told he wouldn't come out of the cage during their segment at KTVB, Channel 7. We tried to coax him out, but he was just not having it. Until...JD walked by. He reached out his loooong spider monkey arm to JD and it was love at first touch. Mowgli would not let go of JD. Until...my 12 year old son, Jaden, sits down next to them! (He is off from school for spring break and hanging out with us this week). It was so adorable to see him going back and forth between the two of them and literally pulling them closer to him. Check out the Facebook Live video to watch the whole thing!

JD did end up with poop down his shirt, pants, and eventually his mouth (don't ask). But, he said it was worth it to cuddle with this sweet little thing.

Remember when Corbin was on Late Night with Seth Meyers and we dared him to "drop our names" on the show? Watch how smooth he was getting "Mike and Nicole" in there!

Don't forget to watch Corbin, Wednesday morning at 9am MT on The Today Show where he'll have an epaulette shark (this thing can "walk"!), bamboo shark, and upside-down jellyfish!

And don't forget, Babby Farms opens May 2nd!! It's an awesome place to take the kiddos!

Check out the photos from today below!

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