It's going to be hot over the next week, but if you're looking for a really bizarre place to cool off how about road tripping to an ancient ice cave that's only a couple hours away?


Only in Your State proclaims Shoshone Ice caves as one of the most bizarre locations in Idaho, Sunset magazine claims it's one of the top sights in all of the Pacific Northwest and it's a short drive from Boise. Have you ever seen the Shoshone Indian Ice Cave?

It made a huge impact on my little 5 year old brain when my parents took me to see the Shoshone Ice caves. I still remember the Native American riding Brontosaurus...I remember how cold the cave was inside, even though it was at least a hundred outside. And years later as an adult, even though it wasn't near as large inside as I remembered, it was still very impressive.

If you haven't seen it or taken your kids, take a few hours this summer and take a drive.  It's an easy drive from Boise and I've included a map below.  It's just one of the bizarre sights you can see here in Idaho that will make you do a double take, according to