According to a new survey, the average American estimates they have about $26 in loose change lying around the house . . . but it's actually more than DOUBLE that.   If you collect all your change and convert it to cash, you're looking at an average of $56......that means for every adult you have in your house, you will have an extra $56 per year.   I went through my house and gathered and counted all the loose change recently, and it came to over $230...I couldn't believe it...that's a really good start on Christmas

The survey also found 92% of people would reach down and pick up a quarter on the ground, which makes sense . . . and 66% of people would reach down and pick up a PENNY on the ground....That's me...I would stop to pick up a quarter....dime or nickle, but probably not a penny.....I's all money, but a penny doesn't seem to be worth my time.

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