The fight for affordable housing for us renters is becoming more and more brutal. The city of Boise is hoping by regulating airbnb's that may help in this battle.

According to KTVB there would be four regulations, The first regulation is that any short-term rental would need city approval or a permit to operate. You can share your thoughts and also look at all the regulations below. There is no regulations on these which can be dangerous and it's taking away places for people in the community to rent.

If you think about it why would someone rent a place for $1000 for example when they could rent it out on airbnb or as a short term rental for $100 a night and if it's full you are making $300 and that doesn't include th cleaning fees and other fees they can charge. That leaves less and less housing for those of us trying to live and work in these communities. I think this would be a great idea!



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