Salmon Social is a brand new app that was started right here in the Treasure Valley! The creators moved here from CA., created the app and also launched it all from Idaho in less than 90 days! This will answer all your Salmon Social questions!

Bryan and Samantha contacted Mike and me after seeing those horrific "switched bodies" billboards in town. When we heard their Salmon Social story of packing up and moving to Idaho to launch their new app, we of course wanted to know these two. That is just crazy to leave your well paying jobs, your families and rent a U-haul and head for the land of potatoes! When two people feel this passionately about what they are doing, I need to meet them. I love that kind of stuff!

The morning they came on the show, they arrived with a documentary crew. Not only are they creating, designing and launching an app from Boise, they are filming the whole thing and making a movie, which Mike & I get to be a part of! That morning Bryan and Samantha would not tell us what Salmon Social was about. We would have to wait. Fast forward about 45 days and they were ready to share Salmon Social with the world!

I love the idea behind it. It gets us back to face to face communication. Yes, it uses technology to start that introduction which is genius because in this world, we can't avoid technology (as much as I wish we could) but it can't be our only form of communication. Salmon Social brings both worlds together. It's not a dating app, it's not a job finding app. It's all of those and so much more! I like to call it, the introduction app. The "door opening app." Because once the door is open you have to let the real you do the rest. Yeah for face to face interaction!!

The way to make Salmon Social a huge success is to download it and to tell your friends and coworkers to do the same. This only helps Boise and Idaho!

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