There's an empty corner of my phone where just a few days ago there was a folder called "Apps of Despair."  I did something a little bit crazy.  I deleted my dating apps.

For me, the two I had been using were Bumble and Tinder.  I had tried some of the others with horrible results, so it was down to the primary two for some time.

A few weeks ago, I went on a first date with someone I have already come feel really connected to.  We've done a handful of in-person dates, though we've found we both juggle parenting and full-time work, and that has made syncing schedules more complicated than either of us had imagined at the beginning, and we talk, text, and snap frequently.

We're at the beginning of things, it's new, but I realized in talking with a friend, I wasn't looking at my dating apps anymore.  It had been days, and even over a week since I had opened them, because I'm really enjoying this new thing and seeing where it leads, and the interest in swiping just wasn't what it used to be.

Full disclosure, this woman who I've been lucky to get to know first contacted me on Bumble. so I guess there's a little irony to my dropping it now, but it felt right to see where this goes and not have the distraction or even the wasted space for the apps.

So, for now, it's thanks but no thanks to the dating apps, and my swiping thumb already notices the difference.

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