This is just the news a guy like me could use considering my fishing skills are little to none existence. Guys like me could use all the help to bring home some sweet Steelhead.

This weekend could be my chance and what a perfect thing to do during a pandemic where we really can't go anywhere. Standing out by the river with your kids catching fish might just be the answer and 250 steelhead have just been dumped in the Boise River for you.

The fish are getting released in 5 separate locations equally that include the following.

  • Glenwood Bridge
  • Americana Bridge
  • Below the Broadway Avenue Bridge behind Boise State University
  • West Parkcenter Bridge
  • Barber Park

There is a limit which reminds me of the Wicked Tuna show where you can only catch 2 per day. This will be similar because you're limited to two steelhead per day so you better make it count! You must also have a fishing license which will cost you $30.50 and junior licenses are approximately $13.75. You will also need a steelhead permit which is about $7.75 if you plan to take home one of these steelhead fish. Here is everything regarding licenses for you to click through.

Make sure you have a license because without one that big steelhead you just grabbed will have to go right back in.

I will list the official press release which breaks down everything from which licenses to how many fish you can catch with that steelhead license. These fish were released on Thursday and the weather looks great looking forward. It's just another safe thing to do during a pandemic as your kids might need something outdoors to do.

No devices. No screen time. Just family time.

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